The workplace wellness industry has seen a significant boom in recent decades with employers providing more perks than ever to support employee’s health and wellbeing. Traditionally, this has been seen in providing gym discounts, in-house fitness classes, and healthy eating options, to only name a few.  More commonly now, throw in a few meditation classes, and you’re on your way to be a top employer in the health and wellbeing space, right?

Unfortunately, not; and this is where many organisations, who invest substantial amounts of funding to the H&W of their employees without really understanding the cause-and-effect of a healthy lifestyle, let themselves down.

What does a ‘healthy workplace’ really mean? Does providing these ‘perks’ really change the way an employee lives their life?

Much of the time, with poor health, be it physical or mental, it all comes down to the habits of the employee and how their lifestyle has been operating for how many numbers of years. As simple as it can get, someone who likes eating cheeseburgers can be given as many as apples as you like, but they’ll probably still walk past the apple and buy a cheeseburger. The point being, an employee can be provided as many health perks as an employer can afford to give, but without a mindset and habit change, these perks are no more helpful than not having them at all; and particularly for those who probably need it the most.

So, how do we get to the employees who have the deep-seeded habits in living an unhealthy lifestyle to become more open to the options that employers provide, be that mentally or physically?

In my opinion, we need to begin changing the way we see wellness in the workplace to truly reap the benefits that employers have on offer. By working with employees to understand themselves, become more aware of their habits on a personal basis, and to use the benefits on offer to make effective and personal change to not only support themselves, but the organisation as well.

At Grow Together Now, we do exactly this. We take the wellness services that you offer, and we add a spin to them. We provide the much-needed mindset training to make change and ultimately get the greatest return for employees on what is already being funded by the workplace.

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