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"Camille is the whole package. One of the most genuine people I have ever met. A respectful listener and brilliant facilitator. An effective storyteller who has the whole room hanging on her every word. A creative thinker who helps us to re-think the status quo, and see a new, less complex, more healthy and productive path."

Changing the Way We See Mental Health

“Camille is a rare gem with the courage and vulnerability to share the reality of her mental health journey. She draws strength from her experiences, as well as insights gained along the way, to help workplaces understand where they can really make the difference.”

Revolutionary Style

“We have had an avalanche of wonderful feedback about the keynote presentation. So many of us walked away more educated, motivated and inspired to pay attention to mental health.

Camille is a captivating storyteller, and an authentic leader. We are all so lucky Camille is doing this critically important work.”


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Just wanted to say what a brave and inspirational speaker. Camille gave everyone in the room food for thought on mental health. Such a thought-provoking talk.

Workshop Attendee, Electrolux

This is the first time I’ve had a speaker come into the workplace and be so honest about their own experiences with mental health. Camille gave us all something to think about and your message about being real and building a culture that allows for human empathy to be at the centre of discussions around mental health really struck a chord with me. It also touched others across the business – our HR  department have already received some very positive feedback from individuals around the business.

Again, thank you for sharing your story with us today and for helping our workplace to destigmatise a complex topic in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

Managing Director, QinetiQ

Camille has been through it all and brings a contagious passion to the workshops.

The workshop was detailed, engaging and an absolutely eye-opening, and provided a much-needed conversation starter for our workplace.

We all learned a lot in the workshop in the space of mental health and our role as a leader within this.

Workshop Attendees, Crowne Plaza

Thank you for your talk and workshop with our Yr11 cohort of students. I know the girls got a lot from your talk and we all loved the strategies you taught for the girls to put in place. The simple 3 step message of Be aware, Be courageous and Be you! Thank you.

Deputy Principal, PLC

Camille ran a mental health session with our management team and equipped them with some great tools and information. The session was engaging with quality information and practical elements with feedback being overwhelmingly great!

Health and Safety Team, UPS

It was an absolute pleasure to have Camille as a guest speaker for our event last night. Camille shared her story with so much humility and openness.

At the event, there were so many people saying that they were amazed by the way Camille spoke about mental health and how light it sounded.

Event Ambassador, LeadUp