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“Camille provides hope, understanding and strategy, with a sophisticated insight into how a person may think or feel in certain situations. Camille’s narrative style is captivating. We all had goosebumps in the room listening to her personal story being told in a eloquent but powerful way.”

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Re-Imagination of Mental Health

Re-Imagination of Mental Health is the leading talk run by Camille Wilson. It is an empowering talk that takes the audience through the stages of lived experience in mental health and the four key lessons to be learned when thinking about our own mental health, as well as that of supporting others. It changes perspectives and puts mental health in a new light. This is a highly sought after keynote talk.

Accepting the Unaccepted

Accept the Unaccepted is a thought-provoking talk that takes attendees through the process of accepting change and adversity in work and life. It uses story-telling to speak to four key points on why, as individuals, we find it difficult to accept situations that happen outside of our control and require us to adapt to change. The talk takes attendees through the lived experience of mental health to illustrate how to respond in times of difficulty.

Responding to Sticky Situations

Responding to Sticky Situations is designed to explore the scope in which changes in the environment and within business can impact on the individual and how the business responds to this change. It includes exploring the mental health continuum, the individual’s response to change, and understanding the applicability of this to situations that tend to be outside of our control. Guided by lived experience of mental health, the session covers how different business divisions are able to rethink how they see mental health in the workplace, and how best to upskill their employees to be mentally resilient in a practical and simple way.

“Camille was awesome covering such a pertinent topic with a super insightful and thought provoking presentation. Mental health affects all of us in our own way and the spectrum Camille explained had really helped all of us to understand that “it’s OK to have events push us either way along that continuum”. For me, personally, this self awareness around the cause / effect relationship between life events and ourselves will significantly help me to understand myself better. So thank you Camille – you were amazing!”

“It was a great presentation and I’ve heard lots of other positive feedback in the office.  I think your lessons about dealing with metal health at work are a great change from the norm, which in my experience are often ineffective. I’ll take away a few small lessons that I think will make a big difference in how I interact with others mental health, and probably my own.”