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Mental health is a growing concern for young people in Australia, and isn’t part of the school curriculum to ensure that students understand what it is, what to look out for, and how to speak up if they need help. These sessions are designed to support students in doing that with a simple 3-stage tool – Be Aware, Be Courageous and Be Real. This tool can be built upon with teachers to integrate into their learning throughout the school year.

Learn By Doing

All sessions run with students are interactive and activities-based to ensure that students walk away with the excitement and energy that should have when it comes to supporting our mental health. The sessions are kept light-hearted to ensure students have a positive experience when it comes to learning about our mental health. 

How To Book a Session in for Students

Reach out directly today to book in one of our mental health sessions for students. Sessions can be arranged for different school cohorts dependent on school year.

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01. Be Aware

Teaching students the importance of self-awareness and understanding how negative emotions can affect ourselves.

02. Be Courageous

Teaching students to be courageous in speaking up for themselves or supporting a fellow peer.

03. Be You

Teaching students that it is OK to be yourself and that the unique person that you are is the most important thing to know.