Transform your Anxiety

The purpose of this session is for individuals and businesses who are looking to invest into stress and anxiety management. Anxiety is something that affects all of us, as a natural part of being human. However, in the modern world, we have nervous energy being created a lot more than we are able or know how to expel.

This session is designed to cover:

  1. Understand the scope of anxiety specifically under the concept of mental health
    • What is anxiety?
    • What are the surprising signs?
    • Learning how we can silently triggered
    • Role it plays in the workplace
  2. The impact of anxiety on ourselves and others
  3. Learn to see anxiety in a different light
  4. Five key actions to manage anxiety and use its power for positivity in our lives

Duration: 1 hour

Format: Group workshop in-house with employees or at external events

Pricing: $1000 per key note session, plus additional charges if changes are requested.

10% of all proceeds from this session will be funded to Recover Together Now, our mental health advocacy platform.