What We Offer


Live Seminars and Key Note Sessions

Grow Together Now offers engaging and powerful key note sessions to workplaces, ranging in topics from the power of the mind in productivity and performance, to understanding the complexities of our emotional resilience, to the awareness of mental health in the workplace. Book in your session today.


Group and 1:1 Mindset Training

Our minds matter more than ever before, and that is exactly what Grow Together Now stands for. We are here to inspire, build, grow and help your employees define exactly who they are and who they want to be through our structured programs, creating powerful positive implications on workplace satisfaction, happiness and overall well-being of your employees.


Workplace Mental Health Advocacy

Grow Together Now was established from Recover Together Now, which is a not-for-profit platform, raising awareness for mental health issues and helping those who are recovering from such conditions through story-telling and positive psychology. For all profits made, 10% is directly funded into Recover Together Now to continue this life-changing work.