Unlock Emotional Intelligence

The purpose of this session is for businesses looking to upskill employees and managers in their emotional intelligence. The business world is based on relationships and how we can effectively influence and empower those around us. With the benefits of science, we have begun to see the benefit of having a strong emotional intelligence as one of the key skills in the workplace today.

All of our sessions are designed with the learner at the heart of its creation; this means employees will not only understand the content, they will also be engaged to identify opportunities and taken action following the session.

Key Performance Outcomes:

program 3 results

Duration: 1.5 hours

Format: Group workshop in-house with employees or at external events

Pricing: $1500 + GST per session, plus additional charges if changes are requested.

10% of all profits are funded to support Recover Together Now and the continuing work in mental health advocacy.

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