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Step 1: Mental Health Strategy

Our workplace specialists will help your team identify the gaps that exist within the workplace systems and culture that impact on the psychological safety of your workforce. We then help you focus your initiatives to identify the key mental health issues, and curate a program to support the workplace in bridging these gaps.

Step 2: Employee and Leadership Workshops

As part of our mission is to change the way we see mental health, the key to making change for your employees to providing them with the knowledge and skills to understand mental health in a new way and envision different ways to manage it.  We use a unique approach of combining lived experience with neuro-psychology to deliver unforgettable workshops that are designed for making an impact and creating lasting change.

Step 3: Online Resource Hub

We understand that every employee will be at a different stage of their journey. The online resource hub provides employees with information they want, when they want it, without needing to wait. The hub is designed to provide employees with the relevant resources, no matter where they are on their mental health journey.

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