Part1: Mindfulness - What is it?

Mindfulness. It is a 21st century buzz word which seems to be getting greater and greater attention from both the medical world, as well as amongst communities. So what is this mystical thing they call mindfulness? Find out more now!

Posted by Recover Together Now on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Cut through the buzzword – What does mindfulness actually mean?

At Grow Together Now, we offer powerful learning experiences that delve into the depths of what mindfulness means and how to practically integrate it into our daily, busy lives. Find out...
Suicide - Let's start talking about it.

It is time to make suicide part of the conversation. Please share to others. You really never know who might watch it and ultimately save their life. 🗣Look around you see 6 people? That is the same number of people who devastatingly commit suicide every day in Australia. Six people were at a point of no return that they believed ending their life was better than continuing it. And they are only the ones who succeeded. Another 30, each day, attempt to do the same. ‼️I know, for me, committing suicide wasn't about wanting to die, it was just about not wanting to live the life I had... battling with my own mind every single day. I never wanted to die, I just didn't want to be alive. Here, I tell my story. I explain the reality of wanting to commit suicide and the one trick I personally used to stop myself. 🙏➡️➡️ If you are thinking of anything along these lines, please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14. If you're outside of Australia, please call your emergency department.

Posted by Recover Together Now on Sunday, February 18, 2018

It is time to make suicide a part of the conversation

Suicide is a leading cause of fatality globally. In Australia alone, 6 people commit suicide each day. To think that there are that many people who think life is not worth living breaks my heart. It is time to make suicide part of the conversation. At Grow Together...