Book Recommendations

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a book, and that’s kind of the same thing.

Mental Health Stories

First, Make the Beast Beautiful - By Sarah Wilson

A beautifully covered book that explores the mental health journey of a well-established media personality, Sarah Wilson. Sarah is honest, raw, and true to the realities of what it is to live with mental health issues and explores it in a way that the reader can relate to.

Reasons to Stay Alive - By Matt Haig

An honest story of Matt’s recovery from severe anxiety and panic disorder, written in an authentic way that shows us that recovery is more than a golden brick path.

The Worry Trick - By David Carbonell

All about overcoming and tricking our brain out of the daily and frequent worries that we provide it with. For anyone susceptible to anxiety or stress, this is a great practical read.

Lost Connections - By Johann Hari

There wouldn’t be enough words in the English dictionary to reflect how much I recommend this book. A truly perspective-changing view on depression and how we are as humans in the modern world.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Coming to Our Senses - By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Every single human alive should read this book. It explores the current way that the world is, an auto-immune disease that is only hurting itself further into its problems. Jon, as the pioneer of mindfulness, explores the role that it can play in every life, making life simpler and more appreciative.

The Five Invitations - By Frank Ostaseski

An incredible read that allows us to explore the idea of life and death in a safe and eloquent way. Frank, as the owner of a Zen Hospice, has lived his life experiencing people’s final moments. This book is written poetically and provides a light to what life means.

Headspace - By Andy Puddicombe

An easy and great introduction to meditation. Andy takes us on his journey through becoming a Buddhist monk and the reality of what it all means to be mindful, present and how exactly to meditate in a chaotic life.

Grit - By Angela Duckworth

This book isn’t specifically on mental health, or mindfulness, but it provides a perspective on how our grit and determination that define any future. It is a seriously good read, and would recommend it for anyone who has life aspirations (or wants inspiration on more!)