Who We Are

Grow Together Now stands for empowering and awakening the world to all matters of the mind to help people unleash their untapped potential.

Our goal is to change the world, one mind at a time.

Grow Together Now was founded to help bring awareness back to ourselves, to learn how we can speak the language of our minds and how we can use this insight into our psychology to live a more fulfilling and successful life.

Grow Together Now works with businesses to:-

  • Enrich employee experience
  • Enhance workplace wellbeing with a focus on mental health
  • Maximise productivity and engagement
  • Build capability to a performance mindset
  • Improve the WH&S for mental health practices

Grow Together Now offers workplace key notes and training programs to empower clients to reach these goals through a series of psychology-based seminars and workshops.

About Our Founder

Camille’s passion for this work started as a Psychology major graduate at UNSW. Camille continued her career as a Human Resources professional, where she gained invaluable experience across a wide range of organisations, which have all differed in strategy, culture and people. These include Commonwealth Bank of Australia, The Bank of New York Mellon, Fletcher Building, Liberty Global, and Ipsos MORI. Thanks to these diverse experiences, Camille has been able to develop an in-depth understanding on the key problems that a workplace faces in regards to employee wellbeing and mental fitness, which overall impacts the employee’s capacity to be productive, remain engaged and their overall contribution to the success of the business.

Camille is the lead trainer and facilitator at Grow Together Now. Camille takes pride in her ability to connect with others and provides an inspirational space for others to start seriously looking at what one wants to achieve in life. Camille has successfully coached across all levels from graduates to teams of aspiring leaders to established business professionals. Camille is adaptable to the audience in which she speaks to, but does not alter in her passion to support others in understanding themselves and achieving their goals.

On a personal level, Camille has also always been highly engaged in giving back to the community, being a volunteer for Make A Wish Children’s Foundation, Home Care Heroes, Red Cross, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, as well as owning a Mental Health Advocacy platform, namely Recover Together Now.

Camille is a qualified yoga teacher and ICF accredited life coach.