Who We Are

Our mission is to change the way we see mental health, one workplace at a time.

Typically, mental health in the workplace is addressed in either two ways:-

  • From a clinical focus that presents intense and overwhelming concepts that employees find difficult to grasp long term
  • Through wellness initiatives that focus on physical health and float over what mental health really means

Our goal is to change this.

Grow Together Now offers innovative solutions to solve for the mental health problem in the workplace. The workshops delivered bridge the gap between our lived experience of mental health and the incredible studies in neuroscience to educate and empower those around

us to flip our understanding of mental health on its own head; to truly make it about what is possible, rather than what isn’t. We are here to make mental health a conversation that people look forward to.


About Our Founder

Camille is no stranger to the world of mental health. From a young age Camille has been exposed to the severity of what mental health can impose onto an individual’s life after working through our own lived experience of severe mental illness.

Camille has studied a Bachelor in Psychology at UNSW (2012) and currently is part of the academic Masters program at the Brain and Mind Centre at USYD. Alongside this, Camille has worked within human resources for several years, where she has gained insight into how we currently handle mental health in the workplace. Bringing these together, with her own lived experience of mental illness as a patient and an employee, Camille provides a unique triage of experience offers a perspective unlike many others.

In 2017, Camille founded Grow Together Now, a social enterprise that is driven by the mission to change the way we see mental health in Australian workplaces and schools. Camille runs perspective changing key note talks and workshops aimed at educating and training individuals on three core skills: being aware, being courageous and being real, that work to shift a workplace culture to a mentally safe place to work.

Camille is a proud ambassador for Neuroscience Australia (NeurA) and the Australia New Zealand Mental Health Association (ANZMHA).