Our Workshops


Re-Imagination of Mental Health

Changing the Conversation around Mental Health

This is an introductory talk designed to address the stigmatisation of mental health and provide an inspirational story of the recovery from mental health in the workplace. This session will provide employees with a new perspective that will help to remove the fear around mental health and encourage the first step in employees feeling comfortable to speak up.



Becoming Aware of Our Mental Health

The objective of this session is to learn how to become aware of our mental health by understanding how the mind works and the early signs of poor mental health. This session will provide employees with the knowledge on what to look for when it comes to their own mental health and to gain a detailed understanding of the mental health continuum. Employees will also begin to learn how to manage their mental health in a real and practical way.



Courageous Conversations

Building Courage to Have Real Conversations

The objective of this session is to build the confidence for individuals to both speak up when they need extra support, as well as to feel confident in asking someone else if they are OK. Employees will gain the skills to have effective conversations in mental health for both themselves and others.



Being a mental health leader

Cultivating a Mentally Safe Place to Work for Employees

The objective of this session is to empower leaders to re-imagine how they’ve handled mental health in the workplace and, in turn, to upskill leaders in having real conversations with their employees to reduce consequence of mental health issues in their teams. Leaders will learn skills that focus on emotional intelligence and cultivating a healthy culture.



Influencing a safe culture

HR Supporting Leaders in Delivering Safety Goals

The objective of this session is to provide the human resources team with the insight and skills in influencing their leaders in cultivating a mentally friendly place to work. Human Resources will understand their role in influencing leaders and the skills that leaders should be practicing for a safe culture.