Our Methodology

Our programs are designed to change the way mental health is addressed in the workplace, by integrating sustainable solutions, delivered with change management methodology.

The Way We Work

At Grow Together Now, we are passionate about making real change for mental health in organisations. We don’t believe that mental health should be a one-off approach, but instead, should be integrated into the ways of working in an organisation.

Each component of the program is informed by the methodology founded in a realm of academia, including change management, human behaviour and learning, and neuroscience.

More specifically, the change plans we develop and implement are formed from the basis of Kotter’s 8 Steps to Change Model, paired with the ADKAR Change Model, which we proudly work with our clients in delivering.

We work with organisations in developing programs that address the four quadrants of the Complete Model of Mental Health, developed by Corey Keyes. We use evidence-informed frameworks, from psychology to neuroscience, to build workshops that make real and tangible behaviour change.

If you have any questions regarding our methodology, reach out to us to find out more.

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